Helicon Advocates provides a straightforward yet vigorous two-part service. 1) you send us your works for safekeeping. 2) We date it, and store in the most secure and impenetrable location. If your creation is ever poached or pirated in any way, we will provide the documentation and testify on your behalf in any court of law. 



Anything you can put on paper we can protect. You write your song, story, design, picture, or other inscribed work of genius, sign a certification that this is your work and creation, and you did not take it from anyone else, send it to us, and the process begins.

Following our detailed procedures, we establish and record the timeframe at which you sent your work. We use a method validated by third parties to ensure that the date of your submission is indelibly established and never in question. 


After we receive your submission, we will store it in an electronic manner, in state-of-the-art encryption, in an environment that is accessible only by our staff. We have designed a system consisting of several layers of encryption and obfuscation to deter any unwanted visitors. This is one of the most robust and hacker-proof environments possible. 

Your creations are protected from prying eyes, and only those of us who have all the appropriate permissions and keys can access your documents.  

In Court

If everything goes well, that's the end of the story. We'll store your document in perpetuity, and you will receive all the credit and benefits of your work. However, we know that there are those who would take your creations and intellectual property and claim them as their own, without question or remorse.

Therefore, if a situation arises in which your ownership is questioned, then we will fulfill our mission to advocate.  We will provide an affidavit of when and by whom the document was received to your legal counsel, or judge or arbitrator presiding over your litigation. because of our thorough and painstakingly designed procedures as well as our well-documented storing of your creation, our evidence and affidavit will likely settle the dispute and establish once and for all that your creation is indeed yours.


If necessary, we will travel to you, and testify in court to the authenticity of our documentation. We will do everything within our power to live up to the role of your advocate.


Our services start at $24.95 and include the perpetual storage of one document up to 5 pages long, mailed to Helicon Advocates, Inc. Additional pages are $1.00 each.

For a nominal fee, we will mail a packet with all of the required forms for your work to be properly and securely submitted, including postage.

Retrieving your documents requires nothing more than your document number, a receiver name and address, and a fee of $24.95*.

if a court appearance is necessary, we will negotiate a reasonable fate for our time, as well as coverage of our travel costs. We are here to assist and aid you, so know that we will not exploit or gouge your wallet in your moment of need.